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Emilio Betech R. is a professional specialist in creative marketing, entrepreneurship, and business development, as well as a free-agent in cultural advocacy.

For over 15 years Emilio Betech R. has led various creative campaigns and consulting projects for companies large and small. He founded and managed ExpanDT Training & Marketing (2006-2012); PromoLoyalty (2000-2006); and partnered in BOLD Marketing & Diseño (2012-2013). He currently oversees Generación Emprende: Laboratorio de Negocios.

He co-created, and from 2004 to 2014, hosted “El Aleph, la Voz Judía de la Radio”, Mexico`s only Jewish radio weekly talk show on Radio Red  (Grupo Radio Centro).  For this decade-long achievement, he was awarded the Premio "Instituto Cultural México-Israel" 2014.

In 2018, Emilio Betech launched "Sesión Abierta", a video podcast featuring interesting conversations and fascinating takes on current events and enduring issues. His first guest was Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.

In 2008, he created La Historia de tu Vida, a production venture specializing in life-story documentaries and memoirs; and throughout 2009-2010 he was an advisor to The Jewish Salons, a global network of contemporary Jewish art happenings. He helped launch the Creative Council for the Sinagoga Histórica de Justo Sierra; and he is currently a member of the Selection Committee for Mexico`s Festival Internacional de Cine Judío. Since early 2014 he serves as Director of Communications for Sociedad de Beneficencia Alianza Monte Sinai.

Emilio is a public speaker, and has been featured in prestigious national venues and events, such as the Entrepreneur Business Workshop, Impulsa-Junior Achievement, the Día del Emprendedor, ITAM, TEC, the Museo José Luis Cuevas, the Instituto Cultural México-Israel, the Expo Kosher Internacional México, the Feria del Libro del Palacio de Minería, and others. He has moderated international conferences and panels, with distinguished speakers such as Tom Kelley, Mary Cranston, and Barry Schwartz. Since 2007, Emilio is a featured talent in Coparmex´s Speakers Directory.

He teaches at the Marketing division of his alma mater, the Universidad Iberoamericana Santa Fe, and he has also taught classes at the Universidad Anáhuac, and at ITAM.

For more than 10 years, Emilio was a contributor to  Entrepreneur magazine (Mexico edition), where he went on to write a marketing advice column. He has also contributed to El EconomistaQuo, AgroExpansión, Inside Mexico, ProÓpera, PresenTense, Sh’ma Journal and Excelsior, among other publications. He has participated in several discussion panels for various media, and some of his writing has been included in the reading curriculum for the Entrepreneur Program of the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Aside from his formal education, Emilio has extracurricular studies in Music History, Music Appreciation, Comparative Religion, Creativity, Semiotics, and Jewish History and Religion. He is a graduate of the "Diplomatic Seminar for Young Jewish Leaders", instituted by Israel´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Jerusalem, 2008),  and of the “Regional Diplomatic Seminar", sponsored by the Congreso Judío Latinoamericano (Buenos Aires, 2011).

Emilio is the author of two upcoming books: one dealing with Judaism and its misconceptions, and another on business creativity and innovation.